Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Controversy and criticism

Inadequate standards of academic quality and comprehensiveness
  Lack of socialization with peers of different ethnic and religious backgrounds
  The potential for development of religious or social extremism/individualism
  Potential for development of parallel societies that do not fit in to standards of citizenship and community

Opposition to homeschooling comes from some organizations of teachers and school districts. The National Schooling Association, a United States teachers' union and professional association, opposes homeschooling.[48][49] Criticisms by such opponents include:

Stanford University political scientist Professor Rob Reich [50] (not to be confused with former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich) wrote in The Civic Perils of Homeschooling (2002) that homeschooling can potentially give students a one-sided point of view, as their parents may, even unintentionally, block or diminish all points of view but their own in teaching. They also argues that homeschooling, by reducing students' contact with peers, reduces their sense of civic engagement with their community

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