Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Homeschooling and college admissions

Many students pick to pursue higher schooling at the college or university level, some through dual enrollment while in high school and through standardized tests such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standard Tests (DSST).

The College Board recommends that homeschooled students keep detailed records and portfolios to aid them in the admission method.[25]

Over the last several decades, US colleges and universities have become increasingly open to accepting home-schooled students.[26] 75% of colleges and universities have an official owner for homeschool admissions.[27] 95% have received applications from homeschoolers for admission.[27] Documents that may be necessary for admission vary, but may include ACT/SAT scores, essays, high school transcript, letters of recommendation, SAT two scores, personal interviews, portfolio, and a GED.[27] 78% of admissions officers expect homeschooled students to do as well or better than traditional high school graduates at college.[27] Students coming from a home school graduated from college at a higher rate than their peers¬�66.7 percent compared to 57.5 percent�and earned higher grade point averages along the way

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